CAPOEIRA ONLINE Access & Share Knowledge! What is it?

What is Capoeira Online?

Capoeira Online is an attempt at bringing together all the Capoeira knowledge that is accessible online in a single portal, while maintaining its diversity, without any discrimination to it and while upholding the respect of the art. The project was initiated after observing that knowledge related to Capoeira is often spread around the four corners of the Web, making it difficult to access and share it. Sometimes important sites are disregarded, or they disappear from the Internet; the second objective of Capoeira Online is to preserve the knowledge of those who at one point of time, wanted to share their know-how.

Like the art that we practice, our site is always transforming. There is always an aim to develop, enhance and share with as many people as possible. We therefore welcome the cooperation of all teachers and the knowledge they can share in order to ingrain and make their work visible to as many as possible.

“A capoeira é tudo que a boca come”

Mestre Pastinha


Videos and information regarding physical training of movements, sequences & flow of Capoeira, as well as warm-up exercises, conditioning and stretches.


Information, videos and tracks on Capoeira music. In this section, find a wide range of rhythms for Capoeira as well as songs and dive into the game of the berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque…


Capoeira is deeply linked to its history which is often unclear. In this section you will find clues about Capoeira’s history but also Slavery in Brazil and masters who shaped Capoeira.


Tradition, culture, message,… Capoeira has its own philosophy often passed on from Mestre to students. This section approached various aspect of Capoeira’s philosophy.


Capoeira has its own language derived from Portuguese and other sources. Always wondered what ‘aquinderreis’, ‘jangada’ and ‘barauna’ mean? That’s the section you need to look at.