Capoeira, as a physical activity, requires some body preparation. Whether a warm-up or conditioning is used, it has its own techniques along with other techniques influenced by other modern physical education. This section describes a vital part necessary for the good development of Capoeiristas, whatever may be their styles.


The warm-up is a key element to training because it prepares the body for the forthcoming effort. When the warm-up is done correctly, it not only helps prevent injuries but it also helps developing the capacities of the training (as opposed to a body that is not warmed up).

Stretching consists of exercises aimed at flexibility and relaxation. They can also be used to prepare the body for an exercise if they are done sensibly and without exerting force. These can be done at the beginning of a training session as a preparation for the body, after an exercise to achieve relief or at the end of the class to relax the body.

Conditioning refers to the muscular preparation for executing technical movements, and allows the endurance and improvement of techniques.

These consist of simple, intense and efficient exercises allowing the growth of the muscle and physical out-performance.