Sequences Solo

Sequences consist of a way to work on the flow between movements and to perfect the execution of techniques. The Capoeirista executes them with patience, working on each technique but essentially focuses on the connection between each technique. Even if Capoeira does not have pre-choreographed sequences during the game, hence requiring constant adaptation, it’s by practicing and repeating sequences that the body will learn to accept a sequence of movements and will be able to improvise.

Like all physical exercises, repetitions are required until the technique or the flow is adopted by the body.

If the techniques make up the vocabulary of the Capoeiristas, the sequences make up the sentences that he/she forms and each game becomes a debate or a conversation.

Solo sequences help individual development of the flow. The student will repeat the sequences that his master will have established for a precise practice so that the body can be modeled as per the needs to go from one movement to the other and to adopt it.