Without music, Capoeira wouldn’t be what it is. It’s the music that runs the show and guides the dance. Many Capoeiristas only focus on the simple aspect of the music and do now delve into its richness which goes beyond what our conscious mind can perceive.

It is essential to learn to play all the instruments and it is simpler to begin by learning the simple rhythms with the hands instead of playing the rhythm of Iuna in the berimbau…

As an essential element of Capoeira, music requires and deserves special attention, but it should also be learnt consciously. The beginner, even if he/she does not have any musical notion, must first learn to move in harmony with the rhythm of the bateria, in order to finally participate in it. The more a Capoeirista understands the music, the more his/her game in the roda will be developed, and enhanced. However, we should not skip steps or prioritize a specific part as opposed to another, because the game along with the music, are both important.




Reco-Reco & Agogô