Beyond being a martial art, Capoeira is the memory of an inglorious past in humanity during which many nations were built at the detriment of entire populations. The Capoeirista has a duty to remember and to pass on knowledge; the atrocities committed against the slaves have led to the possibility of appreciating a game in a roda today. It is necessary for the Capoeirista to study and understand the history of the slaves and of Capoeira to comprehend his/her art and also for the sake of remembrance.

Capoeira is an art which is constantly developing, but we must not forget its origins, and above all, we must not forget the message that its history provides us.

Slavery in Brazil

Slave's boarding

History of Capoeira

First drawing of Capoeira - Rugendas

Mestres & Legends

Mestre Pastinha (Mestres)