Each Capoeira teacher comes from a different lineage and therefore different tradition, technique, knowledge of the art. Not one capoeirista knows it all and can pretend to have the ultimate base of knowledge in Capoeira. On the other end, Mestres have deep knowledge of the art, are respectful source of expertise and might want to share their experience and techniques with the whole world.

Our team aims to collect on a platform the large knowledge available online from Capoeira teachers independently of groups, style, gender or any other social creed. With that we hope to share a large database of knowledge coming from all and for all.

We do not attempt to replace a regular Capoeira class or the teaching of a Professor. On the contrary, we believe that participating in regular Capoeira classes and following a recognized Mestre is indispensable to learn the art.



One of the aim of our platform is also to preserve the knowledge passed on by teachers,

Mestre Pastinha & Mestre Bimba, among other Mestres, somehow died alone left by all and with them a large part of wisdom. They became truthfully recognized by the community as legends long after their death and with that a long work of retrieving and preserving their heritage started.

We try to gather as much information and techniques as possible in order to save them from disappearing and help Capoeira’s knowledge being kept alive.



A community cannot be built by a single man!
Our third aim is collaboration, having teachers come together and share with the world their unique style and knowledge.
Be it Instrutor or Mestre, do not hesitate to contact us and share your youtube channel, articles or comments.


Axé a todos!

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