Mestre Peixinho

Marcelo Azevedo Guimarães, known as Mestre Peixinho, was born in 1947 in Vitória, Espírito Santo. He came to Rio de Janeiro where started practicing Capoeira in 1964 with Cláudio Danadinho. In 1965, he began training with brothers Paulo and Rafael Flores in the which will become Senzala.

Mestre Peixinho is one of the founders of the group Senzala and a reference for all capoeiristas in the world. He is also the mestre of capoeira and has done the most significant work within the group Senzala.

He graduated in Physical Education, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in the late 70s and went to college Administration before joining the UFRJ. He is one of those responsible for the professionalization of capoeira. He taught and lived capoeira since 1974 when he opened the famous academy in Copacabana Travessa Angrense.

Mestre Peixinho was also one of the directors of the First European Meeting that took place in 1987, being one of those responsible for the spread of capoeira abroad and work done on four continents.

Regardless of all that the world turns and turns that the world gives, he managed over time to remain faithful to his feelings, passing it to his students and the students of his students, leading beyond knowledge and good technique, also friendship, which made it always good to be there, close to Mestre Peixinho.
Mestre Peixinho did coordinate a large group of teachers who teach in several Brazilian cities, European, American and Australasia

Mestre Acordeon described well the special way that Mestre Peixinho was, and played Capoeira: “… exemplary simplicity and refined his art to speak little, an energy quiet but always present. ”

When telling a passing game that made a lively roda in Rio de Janeiro he says:

“… He took a dive passing between my legs and stopped in a fall from kidney, smooth and ready for this and it came. I was amazed with his speed and especially with his ability to anticipate a move so unexpected.

The audience came down with applause that punctuated the crowning moment of that game. ”

Mestre Peixinho passed away in 2011.