Mestre Suassuna

Founder of the Group Cordão de Ouro, Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna better known as Mestre Suassuna was born in Brazil in 1938 in Ilhéus and he grew up in Itabuna.

Due to a physical leg handicap that he suffered during his childhood, his doctor recommended that he pursue a regular physical activity other than football. Thanks to his two friends, he discovered Capoeira in the beginning of the 50s and began training with Mestre Sururú, Arame and then Tonho Rale. He drew inspiration from the most well-known Mestres such as Mestre Pastinha, Waldemar, but particularly from Mestre Canjiquinha and Mestre Bimba.

In 1965, he moved to São Paulo after being called upon to present Capoeira in the city. In September 1967, he would create the group Cordão de Ouro along with Mestre Brasilia. The group Cordão de Ouro is presently one of the oldest groups of Capoeira, as well as one of the biggest and most influential too.

Mestre Suassuna is known for his talent as a Capoeirista and for his music skills, but mainly for having created the Miudinho game which is a more dynamic version of the Capoeira Angola game ‘Jogo de Dentro’.