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Mestre Camisa

Born in 1956 in Jacobina, Bahia in a family of five Capoeiristas, José Tadeu Cardoso (Mestre Camisa) began training Capoeira in the 60s with his older brother, Camisa Roxa. He then moved to Salvador and lived in the Lapinha quarters, where he continued practicing Capoeira in street rodas; he particularly participated in the rodas of Mestres Waldemar, Traira in the street Pero Vaz. He later joined Mestre Bimba’s academy to pursue his training. He traveled across Brazil giving Capoeira demonstrations with the group his brother, i.e. Camisa Roxa. In 1972, when he was 16, he decided to live in Rio and began giving classes in Rio’s academies. In Rio de Janeiro, Camisa engaged himself in research concerning Capoeira and developed his own training method, by following the concepts of Mestre Bimba. In 1988, Mestre Camisa created the group Abadá-Capoeira. At present, this school can be found in all the states of Brazil and in more than 53 countries worldwide, thus having more than 50000 Capoeiristas. Mestre Camisa focused on the professional side of Capoeira, from the time of his first employment up to now. He lives doing what he loves the most: teaching Capoeira. Mestre Camisa is also involved in social project...

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