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Mestre Tiburcinho

Mestre Tiburcinho, also known as Tiburcio Jaguaripe, is one of the few Capoeiristas known as a Mestre of Batuque too. He was also a Grand Mestre of Capoeira and an important figure in the popular Brazilian culture.   Tiburcio Santana Joseph was born in 1870 in Jaguaripe. He learnt batuque under Mestre Bernardo, in the same Reconcavo. He was a big batuqueiro and one of the last ones to preserve this art. After having moved to Salvador (like several other workers at the time), he learnt about Capoeira at the Mercado Popular and trained with the local Capoeiristas, becoming one of them. He was recognised for his skills in Capoeira circles.   After some time, Mestre Tiburcinho began to visit Mestre Pastinha’s academy and was often seen there. Even after he turned 80 years old, he was regarded as a malicious Capoeirista, a dangerous mandingueiro. He always sang about batuque, a practice that he continued to keep the art alive. Another important aspect of the Brazilian culture, is that Mestre Tiburcinho helped Mestre Bimba (introduced to the founder of Capoeira Regional by Mestre Decânio) to remember many old songs and, he also brought back to life the choreography of Maculelê. Thanks to his help, Mestre Bimba...

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22 da Marajó

Written by Monteiro Lobato Originally published in the collection A Onda Verde. Translated into English by Shayna McHugh The capoeirista nicknamed “22 da Marajó” [22 was likely his registry number, as sailors were often known by them. Marajó is an island in the mouth of the Amazon River] was an imperial sailor and a master troublemaker. He was a good-looking guy, and stories of his exceptional Capoeira abilities spread as legends. He annoyed the government so much that he was sent up north to serve in the Amazon. The change in climate refreshed him, and he became a calmer man. He began an affair with the wife of a ship chandler, who later died. 22 married the widow and inherited a bit of money. The couple went to Europe for two years, then returned to Brazil and settled in Rio de Janeiro. He had changed so much! Transformed into a perfect gentleman, he amazed the whole neighborhood with his fancy clothes, gloves, and cream-colored top hat. Who is that? Who is that? – the people whispered. No one knew. Certainly someone of noble lineage, they said, just look at his refined fashion. And 22, impervious to the chatter, continued on, a monocle perched...

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