Without music, Capoeira wouldn’t be what it is. It’s the music that runs the show and guides the dance. Many Capoeiristas only focus on the simple aspect of the music and do now delve into its richness which goes beyond what our conscious mind can perceive. It is essential to learn to play all the instruments and it is simpler to begin by learning the simple rhythms with the hands instead of playing the rhythm of Iuna in the berimbau...

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Working with the body is one of the essential elements in the practice of Capoeira. Learning and controlling movements, and their sequences or transformation, is a never-ending work, because the number of possibilities is infinite. Each movement is a discovery, each practice is a game and a challenge. This section includes training on the defenses, attacks, steps that make up the individual techniques of Capoeira. The list of movements is constantly being developed because new techniques are always being ‘discovered’ or included by Capoeiristas. Preparation Steps & Defense Golpes Floreios Sequence Solo Sequences in Pairs Take-downs Chamadas ...

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